Belgian Beers

Blonde Beers

    • Blonde Beer

    • Chouffe Soleil

      185 THB

      330 ml 6.0% alc.

      The label of the Chouffe Soleil tells you straight away what this beer is about. The brewery’s gnome mascots, known from the blonde La Chouffe beers and the dark Mc Chouffe brews, are preparing for a scrumptious picnic, bathed in the mild spring sunshine. During the reign of Winter we enjoy the dark, seasonal beer N’Ice Chouffe, but when spring arrives, Chouffe Soleil conjures sunshine in our glasses. This new, unfiltered, blonde seasonal beer re-ferments in the bottle and is surprisingly refreshing thanks to its aromas of fruits and herbs and its zesty citrus flavour. It is a thirst-quencher with plenty of character.

    • Delirium Tremens

      240 THB

      330 ml 8.5%
      On December 26th 1989, the famous "Delirium Tremens" was born. The particular character and the unique taste of "Delirium Tremens" result from the use of three different kinds of yeast. It’s very original packing, which resembles cologne ceramics, and the colorful label contributes to its success. The label depicts the different phases of the production of "Delirium Tremens" the "Pink Elephant" was up and ready to conquer the world.
      Delirium Tremens is very bright in colour with a dense head that gives off a fruity bouquet, sweetish in taste with a lot of warming alcohol. Tremens uses both Saaz & Styrians hops, and requires three different yeast cultures in fermentation. These are employed consecutively in a two stage primary fermentation & in the bottle conditioning.
      In 1997, "Delirium Tremens" is nominated "Best Beer in the World". A gold medal during the "world beer championships" in Chicago (1998) confirmed the beer's worldwide recognition.

    • Duvel

      230 THB

      330 ml 8.5% Alc
      Duvel is a 100% pure, natural beer, with no additives or preservatives. And you will taste that difference straight away. Its 8.5% alcohol content, enormous head, delicate sparkle and silky soft feeling in the mouth makes Duvel an angelic beer with a devilish after-effect.

    • Estrella Daura Damm

      235 THB

      330 ml 5,4 % alc.

      Estrella Daura Damm from Spain is a golden colour gluten free Lager with shades of amber and slight hints of green. It is clean and sparkling. The head is cream-coloured and long lasting. The abundant bubbles are delicate and lively. The generous aroma is of fresh spices. The flavours of toasted grains add to the beer’s personality. The mouthfeel is smooth, thanks to the fine bubbles. Daura is a fresh-tasting beer, with a lively acidity. The finish is bitter, as it should be in beer, and long lasting. 

    • Hoegaarden

      180 THB

      330 ml 4.8%
      Hoegaarden is a light, pale, opaque, creamy wheat beer with 4,8 % alcohol. It is very white in appearance. Has a relatively thin head. It’s a very pleasing, full-bodied wheat aroma with a slight hint of citrus and spice. Having a really delicious wheat taste, with just the right amount of citrus tang. Relatively light body but the right amount of carbonation so it is very creamy.

    • Kwak

      225 THB

      330 ml 8.4% alc.
      Ordering Kwak for the first time is a great experience. It comes to your table complete with a monogrammed wooden stand. The long neck and round base makes a nice rich, frothy head. You can recognize a Kwak glass from across a crowded bar.

      Once you get over the over the novelty of the glass, Kwak is a very fine Amber Ale. The color is a deep amber, with a creamy colored head. Kwak has a mellow, fruity and malty aroma with very little hops small. There are some hints of fruit in the taste and aroma such as creamy banana and liquorice.

    • La Corne du Bois des Pendus

      225 THB

      330 ml. Alc. 5.9 %

      The ale called "La Corne du Bois des Pendus" is a beer brewed with Pils malt and wheat. This gives it a sunny colour, a plentiful and creamy head with exceptionally long hold. The two varieties of hops selected result in a beer with a noticeable and even strong bitterness. Citrus and rose aromas are also present. It is thus both smooth and refreshing.
      La Corne du Bois des Pendus blonde received the
      silver medal from the public at the world beer contest held in Strasbourg on 24th October 2010. 

    • Leffe Blonde

      180 THB

      330 ml 6.6 % alcohol.
      Leffe Blonde, a dry, fruity, lightly spiced beer, full and creamy- a perfect balance of strength and subtlety. The beer has a delicate and light, malty aroma and subtle, sweet finish. Leffe Blond is a perfect accompaniment to light, everyday meals.

    • Maredsous Blonde

      210 THB

      330 ml 6.0% alc
      The light Maredsous Blonde was the abbey's very first beer. Nowadays, the monks still drink it daily at lunch. It is a delectable Blonde ale with sprightly fruitiness, soft malting, and a slightly dry, gently-hopped finish. A sparkling nose, complex flavors, and a touch of bitterness give this fine ale all of the refreshing qualities of a classic Belgian Blonde.

    • Paix Dieu

      260 THB

      330 ml 10.0% alc.
      Paix Dieu is the fruit of craftsmanship, using only traditional production methods, almost identical to the production methods used by the abbey several centuries ago. Paix Dieu is thus free from any filtration or pasteurisation. Hops, malt and sugar are carefully selected from local producers. Water is drawn directly from the wells of the brewery, and the yeast is cultivated by us. Paix Dieu is brewed only once a month, during the full moon. Each bottle therefore has its own vintage. An exceptional beer must be tasted in its exceptional glass. This is why we have developed this superb “prestige” glass. Round like the moon, it is cut at an angle to help you capture all the flavours of Paix Dieu. Taking after Paix Dieu, the glass is 100% artisanal; it is blown one-by-one by mouth, making each individual glass unique.

    • St Bernardus Tripel

      220 THB

      330 ml 8.0% alc

      The St Bernardus Tripel, introduced in 1992, is a classic Belgian tripel. Perhaps surprisingly, its taste profile shows strong similarities with that of the St Bernardus Prior, which is brewed with largely the same ingredients. The main characteristics of the St Bernardus are touches of roast malt and, in the finish, impressions of banana. The St Bernardus Tripel is slightly maltier. Since 2010 the beers have been brewed using hops that St Bernardus grow themselves, right next to the brewery. This tripel has become very popular in its own region, the Westhoek.

    • Triple Karmeliet

      225 THB

      330 ml. 8.4 % alc
      A 100% natural beer Triple Karmeliet is still brewed to an authentic beer recipe from 1679 originating in the former Carmelite monastery in Dendermonde, Belgium. Written over 300 years ago, this recipe describes the use of three kinds of grain: wheat, oats and barley. This Belgian Abbey Style Triple ale has a robust smooth fruity character. This beer receives its final fermentation in the bottle. Brewed with pride and patience after the Carmelite Tradition.

    • Westmalle Triple

      240 THB

      330 ml 9,5 % Alc.

      Westmalle Triple, a strong, dry and spicy trappist ale. The product of a splendid long after taste.secondary fermentation lasting 5 weeks. This is a complex ale with a fruity aroma and a nice nuanced hop scent. It is soft and creamy in the mouth, with a bitter touch carried by the fruity aroma. An exceptional ale, with a great deal of finesse and elegance.



Dark Beers

    • Dark Beer

    • Gouden Carolus Classic

      230 THB

      330 ml 8.5% alc.
      This "Grand Imperial Beer" is still brewed in the brewery of Mechelen called Het Anker. Dark, very balanced dosed caramel and aromatic malts provide, in combination with a traditional high fermentation, a unique beer that unites the warmth of wine and the freshness of beer. This makes it very suitable in combination with culinary specialties such as stews, wild, pates and even sabayon.

    • Kasteel Cuvee du Chateau

      550 THB

      750 ml 11.0%
      The main idea of Kasteel Brewery when developing Cuvee du Chateau was to produce the ultimate gastronomic beer. A beer that perfectly pairs with most great gastronomic food. The original inspiration came from Kasteel’s own underground cellars, especially the flavour from 10 years old Kasteel Dark. An aged beer that developed those wonderful Madeira and Port flavours. One tasted Cuvee du Chateau will make you want to return for more, time and time again. Possibly you will wonder why all other beers are unable to produce this amazing complex finish.
      The beer to celebrate with your friends

    • Kasteel Donker

      235 THB

      330 ml 11.0%
      Kasteel Donker is a rich dark red-brown beer that is very dense, with a small beige head. Kasteel Bruin (also referred to as Kasteel Donker) does not have a strong nose, instead has subtle hints of coffee and chocolate.
      Full, rich and smooth, with a balance of wheatness nicely balanced by bitter. High alcohol content, 11 %, but not too dominant. Long and smooth with a slightly bitter finish. A very nice and well balanced dark brown beer.

    • Leffe Brown

      180 THB

      330 ml 6.5% alc.
      Leffe Brown is substantially more robust than Leffe Blond. This rich variety combines the rich aroma of roasted caramel with a slightly sweet finish. It’s an excellent accompaniment to hearty, sweet and savoury types of cuisines.

    • Maredsous Brune

      220 THB

      330 ml 8.0% alc.
      Maredsous Brune, a brown beer that was originally only brewed for Christmas, but over the centuries it became a force to reckon with. Maredsous Brune has a creamy foaming, dark, burgundy color, is easily recognizable by its expressive aroma bouquet. A generous caramel bouquet is completed with masterly fruity touches.

    • Mc Chouffe

      215 THB

      330 ml 8.0% alc.
      Mc Chouffe first hit the market back in 1987. The Mc Chouffe aims to steer a middle course between a traditional dark Abbey beer, belonging to the ‘dubbel’ beer style, and a Scotch ale. Compared to other re-fermented dark beers, the taste of a Mc Chouffe is really quite neutral. Herbs are not added to the brew, in contrast to the La Chouffe. Once poured, this unfiltered dark beer is a feast for the eyes thanks to its deep ruby-red colour.The nose fills up immediately with potent aromas, however, pushed along by a respectable alcohol content. Aniseed and liquorice demand centre stage, and are complemented beautifully by a creamy touch of caramel.

    • Rochefort 8

      235 THB

      330 ml 9.2 alc.
      Rochefort 8, or "Green Cap," is brown coloured with red highlights. The flavor is deep, vigorous and complex, with firm body to support the strength; the aroma has elusive notes of fresh fruit, spice, leather, figs, and just possibly a hint of smokiness in cascading layers. Suave, or "wild and unrestrained," this is a full-bodied, rich ale with alcohol at 9.2% abv.
      World Beer Championships Gold Medal 2004, 2006.

    • Westmalle Dubbel

      220 THB

      330 ml 7.0% alc
      Westmalle Dubbel is a dark, reddish-brown Trappist beer with a secondary fermentation in the bottle. The creamy head has the fragrance of special malt and leaves an attractive lace pattern in the glass. The flavour is rich and complex, herby and fruity with a fresh-bitter finish. It is a balanced quality beer with a soft feel in the mouth and a long, dry aftertaste.


Fruit Beers

    • Fruit Beer

    • Floris Mango

      190 THB

      330 ml 3.6% Alc.
      Floris Mango pours a cloudy yellow golden colour, with a firm lacing & cream-colour foam. This beer delivers a scent aroma of mango, papaya, pepper and a subtle note of citrus. Floris Mango delivers an excellent mouth-feel because of the use of 100% fresh mango & mango juice. The aftertaste is sweet and fruity. Huyghe Brewery was the first brewery in the world to mix fruits with white beer. Floris Mango is based on a top fermentation white beer that delivers smooth and easy drinking with exotic fruity flavours and a refreshing sweet citric finish.

    • Liefmans Fruitesse

      175 THB

      250 ml 3.8% alc.
      Liefmans Fruitesse On The Rocks is a sparkling appetizer beer, with its pale red colour, is at its very best in the stylish, playful Liefmans glass. Enjoy the fresh, intense flavour of strawberries, raspberries, black cherries, elderberries and blueberries. Bubbling, sparkling and brim-full of fruity flavours, what more could you want for the final touch to a night out? And for a refreshing change, why not try it served on the rocks.

    • Limburgse Rose

      165 THB

      330 ml 3.5% alc.
      Limburgse Rose has a huge aroma of raspberries, nothing overly synthetic smelling, a little "strawberry gummy candy"- like, quite pleasant. Flavor, again a lot of strawberries, some wheat, no spice, little hop bitterness. Finishes quite dry and leaves you with a nice strawberry semi-sweet pucker taste that makes you reach for that glass again. Medium carbonation, soft and actually some body, very easy to drink.

    • St Louis Premium Kriek

      165 THB

      250 ml 3.7% Alc.
      Containing 25% fresh cherries in the brew, St Louis Premium Kriek pours a stunning crimson red with a fluffy, bright pink head. There is something very summery about the nose, with some grassy notes beneath the dominant cherry and cherry bubblegum aromas. There is a little hint of creamy malt too. On the palate it is sweet, with a thick, mouth-filling texture and very good fruit. There's masses of flavor here, and a spritely acidity that really sharpens up the finish to leave it delicious and refreshing.

    • St Louis Premium Pêche

      165 THB

      250 ml 2.6% Alc.
      St Louis Premium Pêche is a peach beer made on a lambic base complemented with peach juice with all its natural sugars. It is a thirst-quencher with a low alcohol content. The sweet taste of peaches dominates this very fruity beer while the finish vibrates with the slightly sour touch of the mother beer.


German Wheat Beer

    • German Beer Wheat

    • Erdinger Dark Wheat Beer

      225 THB

      500 ml 5.3 % alc.

      A wheat beer from the good old days.
      Erdinger Weissbier ’dark’ is a rich and smooth wheat beer specialty from Erdinger Weissbräu. It owes its full-bodied flavor to the fine hops and dark malt used in its production.

      The dark beer specialty is brewed according to an age-old recipe. Its spicy flavor also results from the increased proportion (about 13%) of original wort. Nonetheless, at 5.3%, it doesn’t contain much more alcohol than Erdinger Weissbier ’with fine yeast’.

    • Erdinger Pale Wheat Beer

      225 THB

      500 ml 5.3% alc.

      Glowing cloudy amber orange color. Light citrus and wheat notes in the scent. Taste is delicious and smooth. There is a light citrus mixing with a light sweetness from the wheat. The sip slides across your palate and rinse clean.

      This is a classic blonde beer from the Erdinger brewery. Erdinger Weissbier has an aroma that’s made up of light citrus and strong wheat. The taste is smooth, being of bready malts and some faint banana in the aftertaste. Erdinger Weissbier is creamy in the forefront and finishing on a dry note.

    • Erdinger Wheat Beer Non-Alcoholic

      150 THB

      330 ml <0.5% alc.

      ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is a refreshing isotonic drink. It provides the body with essential vitamins such as folic acid and vitamin B12 which help reduce fatigue, promote energy-yielding metabolism and support the immune system.

      Just one bottle of ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is a daily contribution to a healthy nutrition. ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is brewed under the strict Bavarian Purity Law, which means it is made from only highest quality, natural ingredients.

    • Weihenstephaner Dark Wheat Beer

      225 THB

      500 ml 5.3 % alc.

      Our dark wheat beer is impressive with its creamy white foam. A fruity-fresh sweetness and hints of mature bananas harmonise with delicious flavours of roasted malt, sparkling and full-bodied with a light caramel taste on the first sip.

      An excellent accompaniment from hearty meals and game to chocolate and nut desserts. Brewed according to our centuries-old brewing tradition on the Weihenstephan hill.

    • Weihenstephaner Pale Wheat Beer

      225 THB

      500 ml 5.4 % alc.

      Our golden-yellow wheat beer, with its fine-poured white foam, smells of cloves and impresses consumers with its refreshing banana flavour. It is full bodied and with a smooth yeast taste.

      To be enjoyed at any time,goes excellently with fish and seafood, with spicy cheese and especially with the traditional Bavarian veal sausage. Brewed according to our centuries-old brewing tradition on the Weihenstephan hill.


German Dark Beer


IPA and more

    • IPA Beer

    • Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

      240 THB

      330 ml 7 % alc

      The Sculpin IPA is a testament to our humble beginnings as Home Brew Mart. Founded in 1992, the Mart continues to be a catalyst for the San Diego brewing scene, setting the trend for handcrafted ales. Inspired by our customers, employees and brewers, the Sculpin IPA is bright with aromas of apricot, peach, mango and lemon. Its lighter body also brings out the crispness of the hops. This delicious Ballast Point Ale took a Bronze Medal at the 2007 Great American Beer Festival in the Pro Am category. The Sculpin fish has poisonous spikes on its fins that can give a strong sting. Ironically, the meat from a Sculpin is considered some of the most tasty. Something that has a sting but tastes great, sounds like a Ballast Point India Pale Ale.

    • BrewDog Elvis Juice

      240 THB

      330 ml. 6.5 % alc

      An American IPA with a bitter edge that will push your citrus tolerance to the brink and back.

      Elvis Juice is loaded with tart pithy grapefruit peel. This IPA has a caramel malt base, supporting a full frontal citrus overload - grapefruit peel piled on top of intense us aroma hops.

      Waves of crashing pine, orange and grapefruit round out this citrus infused IPA.

    • Brewdog Punk IPA

      240 THB

      330 ml 5.6% alc.
      This Punk IPA Trans-Atlantic fusion beer is light golden in colour with tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose. Using New Zealand hops the beer becomes balanced by the biscuit malt. The finish is aggressive and dry with the hops emerging over the warming alcohol. It is a fresh, full flavour natural beer. The postmodern twist is the addition of amazing fruity hops giving an explosion of tropical fruit flavours and a sharp bitter finish.
      The world's first crowd funded Scottish brewery was founded in Fraserburgh in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie, whose mission is to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they are. The boredom of industrial beers has motivated BrewDog to start a revolution. Their extraordinary beers contain no substitutes, preservatives nor chemicals

    • Croman Phi Phi IPA

      190 THB

      330 ml 5,5 % alc

      A Thai IPA with amber color and aromas of malt and tropical fruits. The smooth texture gives a fresh feeling. Hoppy character.

    • Kona Big Wave

      175 THB

      330ml 4,4 % alc

      Kona Big Wave Big Wave is light golden ale with a subtle fruitiness and delicate hop aroma. A smooth, easy drinking refreshing ale. The lightly roasted honey malt contributes to the golden hue of this beer and also gives a slight sweetness that is balanced out by our special blend of hops.


Locally Brewed Beers

    • Thai Beer

    • Chang Beer

      80 THB
      140 THB


    • Heineken

      90 THB

      325 ml

    • Leo

      80 THB

      320 ml

    • Singha

      85 THB

      320 ml

    • Tiger

      85 THB

      325 ml